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The new initiative has our support. Every auto driver wants a working meter to make their life better. We will do what we can from our part. Hope the government brings in order to regulate fares.
M S Rajendran- CITU President
I do not know whether you have been in chennai and tryed a ride in auto. Usually they are like Looters with Uniform. They charge like hell even for shorter distance. So many draw backs. Generally most of the people avoid Autos in chennai now days. But recent in Chennai two friends has introduced a service called NAMMA AUTO, means Our Auto. Which will be regulated by meters properly. They will change as per meter. Rs.25 for 2 KMs and there after Rs.10 for every KM.
Sethu Murugan- Deputy Manager at Ashok Leyland Limited
It was a pleasant surprise shock yesterday. When I took auto from Satyam theatre to P&Orr sons, I noticed an autometer is working and humble words from driver. I looked at him he says this is namma auto. This is my first time in 40-year-life that Autometer is working in Chennai sans bargaining. Kudos to Namma Auto initiative.
Jai Shankar- Assistant Editor at The Hindu Business Line
Congratulations,pl keep it up!
Capt.S.Balagopal- Commuter
At first, I thought these autos were part of some film crew. It felt good to see an electronic meter and even better when I got a printed bill with details of distance and fare break-up.
Shanthi- Commuter
My hearty congrats on your venture. Kindly publish the Mobile Nos of your drivers with the area in which they generally work. This will help the public to know about the Drivers of their area and this will effectively increase their business. I wish many more successes in your venture. A very good initiative. All the best.

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